Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Flood Damage in Carding Mill Valley

With an ever increasing rainfall predicted, erosion by water will become a major project for the National Trust.
A very heavy downpour on the 3rd of October caused the usually peaceful stream in Carding Mill Valley to become a raging torrent, which created areas of devastation throughout the valley. Hundreds of tonnes of earth, rock and anything else that was in the way was picked up by the waters and deposited in large piles along the valley. A large section of the stream bank next to the coach car park was washed away which posed a potential threat to the road and left an oak tree sitting in the middle of the flow. The area was cordoned off, and the next day (when the water level had dropped) work to stabilise the bank and reroute the stream began. This gave the visiting school parties a good view of the power and effects of water as well as the tractor driving skill of Nick the Ranger. The day ended with the replanting of the stranded oak tree in the Wern, Little Stretton on the edge of the Long Mynd where 3 years previously a large veteran oak was lost due to flooding.


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  2. Flood damage can have a huge damage impact on nature. The worst is ofcourse if there is life at cost. Another thing I have in mind about flood damage is the billions of material cost this have. I hope people have insurance on their homes against this.

  3. Are the sheep ok?