Saturday, 2 April 2011

Tree Identification Course

£40 for four, 4 hour sessions

Although billed as a "Tree Identification" course, the sessions will also look at a range of issues related to trees.

The following are just some of the issues to be discussed:

             The "Natives" versus "Introduced" Species argument.
 The botany of trees (as it differs from the botany of plants in general)
 Which trees to plant in your garden.
 How to look after your garden trees
 Tree planting and formative pruning
 The naming of trees - taxonomy
 Tree Preservation Orders and trees in Conservation Areas.

The course will include a number of on-site visits to trees ("field-trips" if you like!) in and around Church Stretton. The best way to identify trees is to look at living trees and their distinctive features, so that "going out of the classroom" will play a large part in this course.

Course members will require strong footwear and raingear.

The dates of the course are:
Monday, 18th April 2011
Monday, 18th July 2011
Monday, 25th July 2011
Monday, 8th August 2011

Call 01694 725001 for more details.

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