Friday, 7 October 2011

Crassula (New Zealand Pygmy Weed)

Crassula is an invasive weed found in wet areas and here at the Valley it has been a problem in one of the pools up on the golf course. We drained the water from the pool in order to safely spray the area with the herbicide roundup and kill the weed. Once all the weed has died off the pool will then be filled in with material from the new pool which will hopefully prevent it spreading to other pools across the Long Mynd.

The golf course pool before emptying.

Pumping water out!

Spraying the Crassula

Crassula dying off


 Crassula continued...

It was decided to remove as much of the Crassula as possible from the pool in order to help minimise regrowth of the invasive weed. The weed was pulled up and put into bags for it to be carefully disposed of, the pool was then given another spray of herbicide to try and kill any bits missed. A pipe was also connected  to the inflow pipe to redirect water away from the pool. Following this the pool was covered in a thick black layer of plastic to prevent the Crassula from regrowing.

Volunteers removing dense layer of Crassula.

Nearly finished.

Covering the pool with the black plastic.


Pool covered.

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