Saturday, 28 April 2012

Heather Bales

Unrolling the bales across muddy areas

The track running from Shooting Box to the Portway which forms part of the pink route was in a poor state of repair with well trodden areas becoming water logged and forming puddles. Therefore, 5 of the bales from the heather cutting that has occurred around Shooting Box were put onto the path by Dave in the tractor on Tuesday morning. A team of 5 volunteers then went up and emptied the larger puddles with a bucket and brush before unrolling the bales along the worst parts of the track. The heather was then broken up to cover all the muddy areas to create an environmentally friendly and visually appealing repair.
Spreading the heather across the path. Bales and area where cutting has taken place in the background.

Another team of TTF volunteers went up the track from Shooting Box to Pole Bank clearing the drainage channels which are being thoroughly tested during the recent April showers!

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