Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dudmaston Fungal Foray

Last Sunday I joined members of the public and the Shropshire Fungus Group on the Dudmaston estate. We were finding, identifying and recording different fungi species using keys and the expert knowledge of Roy, who runs numerous fungi courses and forays. We made our way through Comer Wood and out onto the grassland next to Big pool opposite the hall.

Roy and Cherry identifying a species.

Roy telling people how to correctly identify a fungi by Big pool.

We found an abundance of mushrooms and a variety of species in both the woodland and grassland habitats, and Roy shared his techniques of identification and some information on each species with us. If you are also interested in fungi and want to get involved then you could join your local fungus group or come along to a fungal foray such as this one.

Sulphur tuft fungus growing on dead wood.

The beautiful Mycena archangelina

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