Wednesday, 12 June 2013

River Study Fun in CMV

Chris Stratton, our Learning Officer has been booked up with schools every day from Easter until the end of the summer term.  Ages of his school visitors can one day be 4 yr olds and the next 15 yr olds doing GCSE coursework.  Size of groups varies too ranging from just half a dozen up to well over a hundred.  In that case Chris is thankfully supported by a brilliant team of volunteers (many being retired teachers) so that each group of 15 children is accompanied by one of his trained helpers.

His antics range from what you see here – collecting water insects to put under microscopes to enable identification and sketching, to river measurements, orienteering, habitats work and geology.  And whatever the weather you can bet everyone gets quite wet but has a real bundle of fun exploring the nature of our variety of habitats.

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