Friday, 26 July 2013

Pond Dipping

This Wednesday hoards of families came to join us pond dipping. There was a morning and afternoon session and about 80 children came over the whole day. Our pond was alive with sticklebacks, water shrimps, flatworms, beetles and leeches.  We also caught water scorpion, water boatmen and pond skaters. 

Heading up to the ponds

Listening to Rob tell us the best technique for pond dipping

Skimming the pond we noted Large Red & Common Blue damselfly also a Common Hawker and Golden Ringed dragonfly overhead in the sunshine chasing after the large white butterflies. Some just enjoyed viewing the activity from up in our gnarled Ash tree.

What have we caught?!
Everyone learned an awful lot about the habitats of water creatures, how to catch, how to identify and handle carefully and with respect. If you find a lost crock in the deep mud   -  please return to our office!

Getting stuck in!

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