Monday, 4 November 2013

Crassula In The Pools

The pool on the Golf Course was infested with New Zealand Pygmy Weed, or Crassula, just a few years ago. Rangers and volunteers worked hard when the pool drained: clearing and removing the weed, spraying the edge of the pond and lining it with black plastic to suffocate out the plant. This plant is very invasive and spreads easily, so there was a big worry about it spreading to other pools on the hills. We are now happy to report it has been almost entirely eradicated, which is fantastic news as no one has ever successfully got rid of it before.

Before: The pond with Crassula
There is very little Crassula left, so the rangers are now planning to remove the black lining. This will return the pond to its a natural beauty, a fantastic result!

After: The pond now

The remaining Crassula will be removed by hand, hopefully this will eradicate it completely!

The remaining Crassula

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