Monday, 6 January 2014

Project Wild Thing

Wednesday 15th January: at 9:30am visit the CMV Tea Room to watch the film Project Wild Thing by David Bond for just £1. Avail yourself of a warm log fire and refreshments whilst watching the comical attempts to persuade children to leave behind their laptops and connect with the outdoors. The film to end all films and from which to make life changing New Year's resolutions! Followed (by those who wish) by a nature walk up Carding Mill Valley. To book a place email or call 01694 725006. 

'Funny, alarming and uplifting, this film will change your life. No other ninety minutes in a darkened room is more likely to get you - or your children - into the great outdoors. An exciting, inspirational exploration of our estrangement from nature and how we can all put some wildness back into our own lives. Every parent and grandparent should watch it.' - Patrick Barkam, The Guardian.

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