Monday, 2 February 2015

Reverend Carr - 150 years later

On January 29th commemorating 150years (to the day) when the Vicar of Woolstaston became benighted for 24 hours on The Long Mynd, National Trust Learning officer Chris Stratton led a walk in very similar conditions.

Photo courtesy of Pat Holbourn-Williams  
Reverend Edmund Donald Carr was caught up in one of the worst snowstorms to hit the Long Mynd the century before last.  In trying to return from his Church service in Ratlinghope to his home parish of Woolstaston he lost his way – the ferocity of the storm blowing him down time and again and preventing him from seeing where he went.  No one had seen so much snow fall for nigh on fifty years. Several others died on the hill that night. After a whole night and day of struggling in snowdrifts, and after losing his hat, boots, gloves and nearly his life he was eventually found by children playing in Carding Mill Valley.

Photo Courtesy of Malcolm Roddy

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