Sunday, 23 January 2011

Counting Grouse

The Grouse count happens several times every year, usually during December and January.
December 2010 was the first grouse count of the season, the second was in mid January.
Staff and volunteers get to work very early (around 6.45am) ready to set of onto the Long Mynd to walk around the hill listening and looking for grouse, the views of the sunrise are just a bonus even though it is usually cold and frosty.
When grouse are heard or seen their position is marked on a map, ideally noting weather it is male or female. This gives an idea of the number of grouse in the area.
Doing more than one count makes the results more accurate, especially when the grouse are spotted in the same place more than one time.

This seasons counts have been very successful and show a good number of grouse on the Long Mynd.

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