Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stargazing LIVE

In December, the BBC asked us to join with their Stargazing Live programmes by organising a supporting event. Knowing the vagaries of our weather, and to give something for everyone, children and adults, we created an exhibition that told the story of Astronomy, from the earliest times, 3000BC with the building of Stonehenge, the Pyramids, ancient Babylonians and forward through the centuries of innovation and invention to the solar eclipse on the 4th Jan where we had a picture showing the International Space Station floating past the partially eclipsed sun. We made all the items from the BBC Stargazing Live Activity Pack for children to make at home.

This was all backed up by demonstration equipment explaining how gravity works, why things go into orbit, how eclipses happen, why we have seasons and changing day length. We had Planetarium software running on the computer connected to the projector.
A big Thank you goes to Richard and Ghis Pearce from Shropshire Astronomical Society and to all the other volunteers who helped make the event such a success (around 100 people came through the exhibition every hour it was open)

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