Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bird Hide

Whilst digging the foundation holes for the bird hide we unfortunately hit solid bed rock so had to hire a hydraulic breaker to reach the required depth, which in the end was 80cm. The frame could then be erected, and initially the 6 main uprights went in, followed by the supporting struts. Larch and Douglas Fir cladding was nailed on around, and a bench and shelf were installed. To get the right height for the viewing hole, a passing family were used to test it out. Green roof tin was then screwed onto the roof to complete the job. Bird feeders will be hung to attract more birds in.

Hydraulic Breaker used to get the right depth.

The Shropshire Star came out to photo the building of the hide, and will run another story soon with Steve Matthews of Darwin Matthews Solicitors of Shrewsbury who kindly donated the money for the hide. 

Finishing off the cladding

Passing family used to decide on height of viewing hole.


Frame erected and on the look out for birds

Last section of roof sheet being secured.

The fence surrounding the woodland is also in the process of being re-done, and the new gate has been hung. Another bridge has been built to allow people to get from the road, across the two streams and into the woodland.
Testing the Maximum load weight of the new bridge.
Gate hung.

Rose learns from the master.

Completed Bridge, Hide and Gate.

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