Saturday, 21 July 2012

Iron Age Fort

The natural play trail running through the valley is now complete, with the iron age fort being built this last week. It is composed of 86 posts in a circle, and is located by the second pool on the way to reservoir. Previously there was a mound of excavated material from the building of the pool that had grassed over, and so with the help of contractor Mark Farmer and his mini digger this was levelled off. Using the primitive method of string tied to a post in the middle, a circle was marked out. Sections of trench were then dug out  with the digger (exactly how it the original would have been built!) and the 7ft posts were tapped in to leave 4ft above ground. Baton was screwed on to secure posts together and then the soil was back filled in. The fort replicates that of one which would have been on Bodbury Hill, and is an ideal place for kids to come and have a play, alongside the bird hide, rope pull, bridges and den building. This week, sign boards should be installed throughout the valley showing the play trail.

Mark Farmer levelling the top.

Circle marked and a section of trench dug.

First section of posts in.

Volunteers John and Richard tap posts in.

John securing top with temporary baton.

More trench being dug, and posts backfilled in.

Fort located by second pool, with views to the site of old fort on top of Bodbury.

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