Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Path and Track Maintenance

With all the wet weather recently, tracks around the Long Mynd have suffered. The Batch Track has been getting worse for some time, and some of the TTF spent last week filling in the holes. Material was bought along from Buxton Quarry in the bucket on the tractor and then deposited and spread into the holes. This week, they carried on further up the track, creating drainage channels where puddles were forming.

Work has continued with regards to cutting back overgrown vegetation along footpaths. TTF members have cut back over hanging branches and slashed back any other vegetation at Cwmdale and around Castle Hill.

Also, in preparation for 800 Mountain Bikers taking on to the Long Mynd's tracks on Sunday, essential repairs were made to the track in Minton Batch. Area Ranger, Dave was joined by Matt and Work Experience student Joe in putting drainage channels in to prevent the runoff from various valleys going along the path. Major work was also needed on an area that had washed out quite severely. The bank was cut into to move the path away from the stream and to level it out.

Dave and Joe diverting the runoff off the track.

Cutting into the bank

Tack moved away from the stream and levelled off.

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