Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rooftop Terrace and an Interesting Find

Plans for a rooftop terrace on top of the tearoom at Carding Mill Valley have been completed and work began at the beginning of the week. The rooftop terrace will provide visitors with additional space to sit and enjoy produce from the tearoom. As well as a view of the hill and the garden from which the produce originates.

Builders starting work in the back of the tea room.

The excavation work revealed an interesting old glass bottle. Chris Stratton our Learning Officer discovered that it originates from Mitcham (a borough on the edge of inner London). Where there was once a company, set up in 1794 by two "physic gardeners", which produced scents. These toiletries utilised the extensive Lavender fields of which the area was well known for. Perhaps this bottle belonged to a Victorian lady picnicking by the stream before our tea rooms existed.

The glass bottle found at the back of the tea room.

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